A 100-year-institution needed a gut check.

America’s favorite pastime, the NFL, has been at a paradoxical precipice. It alienates fans, prices them out, insults their intelligence, and disregards their values. But it is at the peak of its powers, moving and dictating headlines as it holds Sundays, off-seasons, group chats, and water cooler conversations across the country.

As a team of hardcore, but accountable, NFL fans, we wanted to remind the league of the opportunity they have in front of them. The responsibility they have to people of all ages who look to the league for entertainment, for morals, for inspiration, for something to cheer for that’s bigger than them.
We wanted to remind the league that it’s not just one commissioner, or a coach, or a player’s union -- it’s all of us.

Because football, like life, is a game you cannot win alone.

To celebrate the league’s 100 year anniversary, over two weeks, we created a living, breathing 222 page book that we gave to the NFL League Office. Our hope and intention that it would inspire them to listen to the people who truly love the game so that it could thrive for another 100 years. Football Forever.


Team: Dylan SimelAlex Kaplan, Barry Katz
CDs: Matthew McFerrin + Eric Steele