Because time is indifferent.

I’m constantly tripping about time.
I’m astonished at how quick it can feel,
how something that can feel so present,
can be just barely remembered,
marked only by your phone reminding
you that you took that photo three years ago.

It can make moments and life seem so fragile.
So we created this spot to remind us of that.

How time will always be our greatest rival.
How it moves without regard to anyone.
How it can drag when you’re up a goal.
And slip away ~like that~ when you’re trying to make a comeback.

With the help of LAFC star, Carlos Vela,
Kaiser Permanente wanted to set the stakes for us.

On the pitch we’re only given 90 minutes.
In life, we’re only given so much time.

So that is why, we have to take care.


Partner: Dylan Simel