Where your favorite trainer’s favorite trainer trains. 

I tried to see how the other side lived so I went in-house to a fitness and performance brand to launch and brand a high-end gym from scratch.

We had a very limited production budget to launch so we hinged the creative on two things: the diverse set of personalities that make up Performix House and hard hitting physical installations that motivate, hype members up, and give FOMO to broke normies who can't afford to drop $$$$ on a gym.

We concepted and created Performix House to be an aspirational high-end content studio as well as a functional fitness experience.

Prospective members go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they are committed to the “lifestyle.” Upon acceptance to “The House” they are given a packet with standards and expectations.

Trainers are hand selected from the best gyms around the city and currently there is no application process. Invite only.

But the real opportunity in Performix House was
treating the gym like a content studio for
trainers and brand partnerships. 

And like any modern business, we realized visual touchpoints were integral for trainer’s constantly posting on Instagram.

Throughout Performix House we installed multiple IG-ready moments where people could stay motivated and share their workout progress with their followers. The first time we installed it we installed it wrong, so we had to take a razor blade and scrape every single number off the wall. That was fun.

To launch Performix House, we created an immersive campaign that demanded accountability.

The manifesto for the house was based on Jocko Willink’s book, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win, which preaches the SEAL’s basic methodology of not cutting corners. Simply, it’s the notion that, "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

Our founder and CEO lit up when he heard this strategy. He said: 

“Every single fucking detail counts
when you’re trying to become great.”

If you skip a set.
If you miss an hour of sleep.
If you don’t hit your protein number.
It all has lasting effects on reaching your goal months down the road.
In order to be succesful, you need to own every single fucking detail.
Every rep, gram of fat, wink of sleep is relevant on your way to greatness.

Which is how we landed on,


The launch film (produced and directed by me):

Our teaser manifesto:

NOTHING IS IRRELEVANT                                         

If you walked by 14th and 5th you were subjected to two cryptic phrases reminding people that Control Is Not An Illusion. Siiiiick. 🤘🏽

Our biggest success was empowering trainers to promote themselves like independent businesses.

More independent barbershop, less corporate gym.

I produced and directed over twenty individual trainer videos that they were able to use on their own social channels.

In the ten months I worked here I got to work with proper villians aka brick boiz aka my dumb friends, learned how to do a 52" standing box jump, realized how hard it is to open a gym, and that I secretly want to be a fitness influencer. 


Made with: Justin Fly, Bryn Little, Edgar Gallardo, Dave Kerr, Keiji Ando