Give voice to the voiceless.

Next shooting.
Next bullet.
Next body cam.
Next Ferugson.
Next Charleston.
Next Breonna.
Next Ahmaud.
Next funeral.
Next knee.
Next fist.
Next breath.
The shadow of 2020 and a global pandemic loomed heavy over the NBA bubble. LeBron James and his fellow players were torn about continuing to play amongst the unrest. After a lot of passionate discussion, they decided to keep playing, but rather than just play for themselves, they wanted to play for something greater -- to stop the inevitability of “the next one.” The minute the NBA season ended, we aired a national PSA not just encouraging people, but pleading people to vote. Because the only next our kids should worry about is their next birthday. 

It was an honor and privilege to create meaningful work with people who truly cared about the cause. And all those legal votes...


Partner: Dylan Simel