Everyone has a part.

There’s a reason why we refer to our football team with the royal we. It’s inclusive. Quarterbacks, the drumline, the fans watching at home on their couch (that’s you!) we’re all part of THE TEAM. NFL Youth wanted to celebrate this diversity by encouraging kids to bring WHATEVER they got to the team.

We made the only official NFL anime with Juju, the league’s biggest kid. He battles his long time nemesis, the cross-town rival. Your boi, me, voices “Teammate 1.”

We got Jalen Ramsey, aka the dude who got picked AFTER Ezekiel Elliot, to roast his fellow league peers sartorial choices.    

Fortnite was big in 2018. We got Twitch Streamer of the Year, Pokimane, pronounced Pokemon, to play Adoree Jackson in Madden.

Some social concept we dropped:

At the end of the season we threw a big party for the kids at seminal fan favorite Pro Bowl 🙄. Yeah right. While dorky Dads were trying to collect autographs we gave kids a tent of their own. Four days of Fortnite, dancing, photo booths, swag, and music. Orlando’s hottest club is...


Partner: Dylan Simel
CDs: Alex Kaplan + Barry Katz