We changed everything we could, but they wouldn’t let us touch their terrible logo. 😤️ 

"Food as it should be" is the culmination of months of long nights and weekends. We covered the entire gamut of how we should talk about food. Simply, we wanted to get back to how we really feel when we eat. The satisfaction of warm soup after a long day. The laughter or tears or argument across a table. The joy of eating.

To me, it wasn't so much about origin of the food or what was in the food, it was how that food made you feel. Was it delicious? Did you catch up with an old friend? Did you make a new one? 

Anecdotally, food played an important part of this project for us. It was the first real pitch I did in my career and it was fucking brutal. There were an absolutely dumb amount of all-nighters, but our CD, Keiji Ando, always made sure that we we had a proper meal, that we stopped working while we ate, and talked and listened and laughed and discussed bad NBA takes. I learned more from him this year than I did in perhaps my whole career because of him. Let me know if you ever want to talk about that. 

The idea of a fast casual restaurant using only organic ingredients seems passe now, but in 2013 this was a radical step for a restaurant more known for corporate catering than leading the charge in radical food service overhaul. This video is an idea we concepted to communicate Panera's very ambitious stance on food to America.

But, it wasn’t all serious. 
Because eating is supposed to be fun.
Like these food horroscopes,
that were wayyyy ahead of its time.

(The Panera Basic *a term they coined* loved these.)

Also, I wrote a lot of radio ads. The best one was about their famous Strawberry Poppyseed Salad.

I never tried it. However, we figured out that people's obsession with it bordered on fanatical.

So, I wrote a campaign through the point of view of an over-sexualized salad. Like any notable summer fling, he or she comes in your life, sweeps you off your feet, and then leaves your heart crushed in a million pieces and you can't stop thinking about them.

Little known fact: It was in Jackie Brown, who knew?!


Made with: Keiji Ando, Andrew W Kay, Simon Phillion, Bec Pond, Isaac Weeber, Heather Brodie, Cindy Choi.