If you’re here, you found an easter egg. Student work, baby.

We should all care about NASA. Me and Lauren did.

Someone smarter than me said, "If you want someone to build a ship, don't force them to work, instead teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea."

I developed this personal project as a way re-ignite the wonder and curiosity we used to have for space. In an effort to gain support and public interest for NASA's dying program, we posed the question:

Who will draw the maps of the universe?

The video acquired over 20k views and has been featured in many different blogs and publications.

Sort of like Kony 2012.

Almost got arrested for placing wheat paste posters in high traffic areas to drive traffic to website and video.

Created post cards for people to mail their congressperson urging them to direct more funds to NASA.

We wrote the hottest website url:

I still pay for it and I’ll do something sick with it again one day.

My first ever student ad campaign for Folger’s Coffee. Still love it. Me and Niki won and Student Addy. Still the only award I’ve won in this biz.

This is one of the first ads I did as a student. It's pretty janky, but it comes from a good place, so I'm never taking it down.

My Dad has been a construction worker for over twenty-five years, he went to school for two years and is a licensed contractor. However, society would never consider him a professional. He would also never spend four dollars on a cup of coffee.

Skilled labor still has a negative social stigma attached to it in this country. So does affordable, mass produced coffee found in mechanic's offices all across America.

Wake Up America, It's Labor Day.

For 365 days we'll run a region specific newspaper ad that celebrate's that city's specific skilled labor heritage.

People work and get their hands dirty for the moments the moments that really matter.